Thursday, May 9, 2013

Re-emergence of the paulvr173cm blogspot. This was deleted years ago and now I have brought it back.

Reason was all the links that pointed to it, however few it were.

So now, the goal is to present a clear identity. Still considering what to divulge, what to share, what secrets to say, techniques I have learned, but I recognize, in order to get better, I have to start, thus the re-implementation of this blog.

Questions were, do I start with a .com, or can I just reopen? Choice was to reopen.

Strengths are opinions, highly opinionated, direct-to-the-point, on the spot error correctin and improvements. Highly valuable.

Must retain high standard. Can't promote just because. Has to be really what I like.

Tone will be personal.

Although the skill of being able to natuarally converse to others is a useful skill which I do not have.

So, a compromise.

Goal is to be like one of those people who have good websites.

I want to be an internet citizen!

So, how I do I start? I need a lot of catching up to do, search engine optimizations, adsense, all kinds of things that I don't know. All that I know were from half a decade ago.